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Has been successfully sourcing Pine lumber from sustainable forests to our customers worldwide since 2002. Nowadays, Neuber has presence in more than 15 markets overseas, including:

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • China
  • Malaysia

We started with remanufactured products and continued growing  

Covering all the range from sawn timbers to millwork and panel products.

lumber from chile and worldwide

Since 2006

We source also from China, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, New Zeland and Vietnam through long-term partnerships and with our own offices and staff.

certified products

Most of our products can be certified with FSC if required. 

Extensive experience in forest sector

And international logistics reinforces our capacity to build sustainable global trade connections, delivering value and quality worldwide.

our mission is to act as the eyes and ears of our clients in this part of the world – the source.

By working closely with our network of suppliers, who possess a high degree of professionalism and technical expertise, and who are committed to maintaining the highest levels of production quality and contractual compliance, we have successfully upheld this mission throughout our history.


All shipments are controlled by our staff

In order to identify and manage any details that may occur at origin, saving costs for the entire supply chain

Minimizing the risk of product quality issues and ensures that any problems are addressed before the shipment reaches its destination. 

We closely monitor each step of the logistics chain to ensure that deadlines are met and to reinforce our commitment to meeting our customers needs. 

Our goal is to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers by providing reliable and high-quality logistics services.




Radiata Pine

Taeda Pine


Green AST or Klin Dried

Rough or S4S


Thickness 13 to 150mm

Width 50 to 150mm

Length 1 to 4.5m


Besides lumber, we can also supply remanufactured products. If you need any millwork product, boards, door frames, lineal mouldings, door components, furniture components, please contact us and we will send you a quick response with a quotation







supply and customers worldwide

  • Supply

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, New Zeland, Vietnam, Malasia, China.

  • Customer

Peru, Mexico, USA, Panamá, Spain, England, Indonesia, New Zeland, Philipine, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malasia.